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HowTo initiate transactions from an iPhone and get responses sent to our integration server

Excuse me if I've got the wrong lingo here as I just talked to sales...then to support and they both said just to ask here.

We don't have an account yet. Just trying to figure out if we can integrate with this system.


We have independent sales agents in the field with iPhones selling location-based advertising to businesses. The agent using our custom app signs up the business [which immediately creates an account for them in our database].


The agent will need to collect a payment from the business... processing the transaction on their iPhone using one of the transaction programs out there like swipe or swipeit.


What we need to do is automate getting the payment information back to our servers so the business owners account will be credited for the payment.


We need to redirect [or direct a copy of] the gateway response to our servers so we can log the transactions and post the payments to our users accounts.


I can only see integration for round trips when they are being originated from a website with the responses going back to the same website [same session].


The sales agent at AN said that an email would be sent with the transaction info...but processing these emails is probably not the best way to go.


I'm a php developer and an iPhone developer so you can talk geeky to me and I'll probably get it.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.




Sounds like you want to use Silent Post.  It allows a URL you specify to receive data about each transaction your account handles.

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I am making application having ordering food online in that it will transaction from the application.

My question is about is there any API available to implement in my application so i can make transaction and check the all validation which requires to validate the credit card and get response into my application.


Please help me i really stuck at here and don't know how to resolve moreover afraid because of rejecting application from app store.


Any help will be appriciate.

Hey himanshu,


You should check out our SDK page, which includes mobile SDKs that may be what you're looking for. You can also check out our API page to see which API might work best for you.





Developer Community Manager

Thank You.

I am an iPhone App Developer and making an application for iPhone Moreover already i downloaded the API and generated developer and the merchant Account also.But they need to register your mobile.


My question is that ::: - this is a online food ordering app using iphone so it has million of users so every user has to register their moile device on to get successfull transaction.

2) in my application first it will validate Credit card information entered by the user in that user need to enter Card Number,Card Type and Card Expiry Date. So question is which class i need to use for validating the credit card info and uer have to enter CVV or Card Code is that necessary or i can make payment without CVV number.

3) from my appliation it's passes multiple order infomation means item so how to pass tht data.

4) what are the priority to check that i am going into right direction with information.


Please help me also if anyone found any test or sample code which is easy to implemet please tell me.

I am waiting to et back from your side.


Thank you

Himanshu Patel

1) I don't know, I don't do iPhone development. But I would guess that there's either an automated way to register the phone before a transaction is charged, or registration is limited to just development accounts. Or, as I've posted elsewhere, you could set up a web site intermediary and just send an XML post to the web site, which then turns around and does the actual charging through and sends back the result codes. Whatever works.


2) You don't need card type at all - just remove that from your form unless you want it there for cosmetic purposes. Card code is optional as well if you don't mind doing without card code validation, but keep in mind that you may get a better credit card processing rate if you include a card code, so it's probably worthwhile to add that. I wouldn't personally bother with more than basic validation (min, max length), since will tell you if the credit card is bad.



    LineItemType *lineItem = [LineItemType lineItem];
    lineItem.itemName = @"Soda";
    lineItem.itemDescription = @"Soda";
    lineItem.itemQuantity = @"1";
    lineItem.itemPrice = @"1.00";
    lineItem.itemID = @"1";

4) That's impossible to answer without more specifics about what direction you're going in. In general, I'd say look at the sample code and the code in the SDK, that's always a good place to start.