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Just want to parse SIM Relay Response with new SDK



All I want to do is figure out how to use the SDK to parse a Relay Response from a SIM Form submission, but that doesn't seem to be straight forward anymore. Looking for some help, please.


Side Note:


I've developed in PHP for a long time, and worked with the previous versions of the AuthNet SDK and APIs for years, but this new SDK is frankly overwhelming to me. Maybe it's because I'm still not that familiar with using namespaces and still don't see the need to use classes that extend classes that extend classes for everything.


Many files that I open in the v1 directory just refer to parent classes and sometimes don't seem to do anything themselves, and none of them have any real documentation in them. For example, the entire documentation for the class named GetTransactionDetailsRequest is...


Class representing GetTransactionDetailsRequest

Duh, shocker.


I know this is supposed to represent improved code "structure", but is that really the case when it becomes difficult to even discern the overall structure because the code is SO segmented?


Sorry to go on like that. If you can point me in the right direction to get started parsing a SIM Relay Response, I'll pipe down and be happy. :)


Thanks! Fritz



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Thanks very much for your response RaynorC1emen7, I appreciate it.


However, the sample code file you referenced is for the deprecated SDK as is indicated in this file in the same directory:


I've already inquired in another post as to the existence of any official code samples of SIM integration with the new "controller model" version of the SDK, and Richard has confirmed that there are none.


I was hoping that somebody out there actually has a working SIM integration utilizing the new SDK and can point me in the right direction, since there are no official documentations or samples to be had. Surely I'm not the first person to attempt to use the new SDK with a SIM integration...


I've already lost four production days trying to figure this out. As of today I have no choice but to fall back to using the older SDK.


Thanks! Fritz

You probably don't need the SDKs for SIM, it a form post, and the relay response is a form post the data back.

Agreed, 100%.


I know I also need to do new integrations with CIM, ARB, etc., and I think I've just been caught up trying to understand the new SDK. If I can't figure out how to use it to parse a simple SIM transaction relay response, I figure may have trouble handling those types of requests and responses.


I feel like a dog with a bone, and I just need to bury it and move on for now, but it's hard for me to accept not understanding something. :)




Okay, the more I explore the new SDK controller model the more it appears that there isn't a straight-forward controller method for parsing a transaction response that is independent of a transaction request, such as a Relay Response or Silent Post $_POST response.



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I'm attaching our old sample code for Java which may help.



I too find the new PHP SDK incredidbily hard to follow!