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Magento Integration

My client has given me the task of integrating to magento. Im wondering if anyone has advice on which method to use


Direct Post Method (DPM)

Server Integration Method (SIM)

Advanced Integration Method (AIM)

Automated Recurring Billing™ (ARB)


any help with this i would really appreciate it.


Thank You.



Hey there,


Which method you use will largely depend on your business needs and system setup. I'd check out this page for some helpful tips on comparing them.


ARB is only necessary if you have the need to set up recurring billing/subscription payments. It's important to note though that at this time, it is not integrated to any of the other standard APIs. So you would need to pick one of AIM, SIM or DPM, and then also use ARB for the subscription aspect.


Hope that page helps.





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     Magento ecommerce always have payment Method (AIM).SO you Can use this Authorize.Net AIM Method.

     In Magento Admin System->Configuration->Payment Method You can see payment Moethd

     in that you can Customize  with your API Login information

      But It always depends on your Business need.


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Yeah I think that AIM would be the best fit for a high performance parts store. Do you happen to know any websites or have any

examples that use the AIM method?

Does anyone know if you can reauthorize credit card information after the initial transaction in Magento?  Also does AIM store credit card info on the merchant's server or's?


.i need for a non-recurring payment should not be able to choose for a payment option at checkout. for a recurring payment chooses to use PayPal instead of a credit card through to do this.


As i m trying in localhost i get just reverse of it...without installing any Extension......A product which have Recurring Profile is set to /’yes’/ then in front end after checkout ,it shows only PAYPAL option in the PAYMENT INFORMATION and

if Recurring Profile is set to /’NO’/ ,then it shows PAYPAL AND AUTHORIzE.NET method in the PAYMENT INFORMATION................


is payment method used for recurring method in magento????how?

There is Magento support for CIM, I believe, if you don't mind buying a rather expensive plugin. ARB, probably not so much. Either way, this is a Magento matter more than an matter. You should post in the Magento forums and see if anyone has a plugin that fits your needs.

i purchase Subscriptions and Recurring Payments ahead plz guide me how i can do that so We need to tweak an aheadWorks Subscription & Recurring payment extension so that if a customer is using a subscription,
 his payment is processed by our account. If not, then the payment should be processed by our PayPal Pro account. for recurring product

You need to ask the makers of the payment extension about that. I'm afraid this integration forum is for integrating directly; we aren't usually able to supply support for third-party products, since there's simply too many of them to be familiar with the source code.

Thanku so much.reply me fast and i appreciated ur answer.:)