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Migrating from SIM to DPM on live site.



I am attempting to create a DPM checkout page and migrate away from SIM.


I am specifying a valid URL for x_relay_url and x_relay_response  is set to "TRUE" in the hidden fields generated by the API.


I am running this form against the live server.  Not the sandbox.


When submitted I am receiving "3,2,14,The referrer, relay response or receipt link URL is invalid" but the funny thing is that I then get a notice from the relay URL we have in our settings at AuthNet - not the URL I am passing.


What should my next step be?


What do you mean you get a notice? You mean the the default relay url in your account getting relay?


Anyway, just add the new relay url to one the list of valid url in your account.


Sorry - what I mean is that when my relay script for SIM transactions gets an error code it lets me know.


    [x_response_code] => 3

    [x_response_reason_code] => 14

    [x_response_reason_text] => The referrer, relay response or receipt link URL is invalid.


I wasn't aware I could specify more than one vali relay url in the settings at AuthNet.  Will do now.

Did you have x_relay_always ser to true? maybe that why is going to the default relay url.