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Need help configuring webhooks for subscription triggered payments / recurring billing events

We are integrating Authorize into our platform, and are facing difficulty in identifying the appropriate webhook events to use for identifying recurring billing transactions and associated data. We had gone through the integration guides and couldn't get a clear idea regarding the same. 

After successfully creating a subscription, we want to receive data regarding subsequent recurring transactions and also be able to know if a charge attempt failed for some reason. 

We have a accept.js and PHP integration in the works, and are using "authCaptureTransaction" method for processing single payments and have implemented subscription creation using the standard SDK.

We only require webhook events for recurring billing transactions, including unique event data per recurring transaction (transaction id or invoice number) and status infromation incase such a transaction fails, so that we can update the same in our system. 

Please let us know of the webhook events to use and subsequent API calls (if required) so that we get the above mentioned information for recurring transactions. 

Thank you.