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Obtaining subscription ID for failed transactions

I have a website that uses both ARB and AIM. In order to get the transaction details for each day I use a job and the Reporting API to download the previous day's transaction information. The problem I have however is that I cannot get the subscription ID for any given transaction. If an ARB transaction fails, there is no way to get the subscription that the transaction is associated with? I realize that the Silent Post functionality passes the subscription ID back to the server when a transaction is processed, however, I want to avoid Silent Post just in case my server goes down for a period of time.


Silent post passes a customer ID. Assuming you only have one subscription per customer, and you store the subscription ID when you create it, you should be able to match it up that way.


Wow, that reply basically ignored most of what you asked, didn't it?


The lack of subscription information in the reporting API is a known issue - going back over a year, based on the posts I have found.

In my discussions with the Authorize.Net developers and customer support, I have been informed that they are aware of it but have no expected date for a fix to be released (as of mid-March).


My situation is very similar to yours, with AIM and ARB - and not wanting to deal with the failures of silent post.


What I did to overcome this issue was to create a work-around: place a unique identifier into one of the fields that propagate from subscriptions down to payment transactions (such as the product description and/or shipping address), then when I get the transaction information I use that identifier to create a link to the subscription.

It's a little kludgy, but it works.


BTW: you may wish to check the Community Feedback area - there are some suggestions and code samples to overcome some existing problems.


This feature is now available.  See the blog post here: ARB Subscription IDs Available Through Transaction Details API