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One-time Charge and Creating Subscription simultaneously



I'm working on a storefront with both one-time and subscription products, and would like to know best practices for charging both at once. 


I have 2 separate functions:

- Charging the card through createTransactionRequest.

- Creating a subscription through ARBCreateSubscriptionRequest. 


My checkout page has a form for customer data and CC information. On submit:

- POSTS the information back to itself

- stores it in a SESSION array

- runs either or both functions, depending on what they ordered. If no error codes show up, it goes to a confirmation page.


Further reading indicates that for a more robust system, the Authorize and Capture for a CC charge should be split into separate actions, with the Capture being run only after the Authorize clears.  Also, I am unsure of how to integrate such a separation with the SubscriptionRequest. 


If I implement seperating the authorize and capture actions, would I be better served by the following pseudocode? 


run authorize
if authorize ==success
   run capture

   if capture == fail

      display error type, prompt for correction

      prompt to run capture only again

   run subscription

   if subscription == fail

      display error type, prompt for correction

      prompt to run subscription only again


if authorize == fail

    display error, prompt for correction and to run again. 


Thanks in advance for corrections and advice. 



Hello @BC2016Genomics


One option is to set the createProfile flag for the intial transaction.  If it is successful, the response will include a customer profile which you can to create a subscription.


If the initial transaction is unsuccessful, no profile is created.



Administrator Administrator


Hi BC2016Genomics,


Are you expecting to have recurring customers for one-time payments? If this is the case I suggest that you consider running everything throug Customer Profiles, please check:




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@RichardH @Joy Thank you for your responses. I am reviewing the customer profiles description now, and will evaluate if that route serves our purposes.