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POS - Auth_Only showing up as duplicate charges using Card Present Integration (CPI)

I have built a POS system that is used in a bar setting.  


When the customer wants to close their tab we:

  1. swipe the card
  2. Call Auth_Only for twice the amount and store Authorization Code returned
  3. Print Reciept with Amount, Tip, Total, and Signature line (like in any bar or restaurant)

The customer then fills out the tip, total, and signature, we now

  1. Put in the tip and total numbers
  2. Call Prior_Auth_Capture with the existing Authorization Code
  3. Display a confirmation of tab closing

The issue we are having is customers are seeing multipe charges on their cards.  About 1/3rd of our customers are calling complaining they are seeing multiple "charges" on their card.  We reassure them that they have not been double charged and that the first "charge" they are seeing will drop off of their statement in a few days.


Turns out the "Auth_Only" call acually puts a temporary charge on the card.  For example.  Someone buys a beer for $5, we Auth_Only for $10 to compensate for tip amount.  Then the customer tips $1.  We Prior_Auth_Capture for $6 ($5 beer and $1 tip).  The customer is seeing one of two scenarios on their statement, both very confusing for them...


Scenario 1:

Our Company   Debit $10

Our Company   Credit $10

Our Company   Debit $6


Scenario 2:

Our Company   Debit $10 (This eventually goes away in 24 to 48 hours)

Our Company   Debit $6


After calling they explained this is just how it works with CP.  As a bar and restaurant customer I know that they are many POS systems that do not do this to my credit card.  Every blue moon I see similar things from a bar or reaturant on my credit card but realize what is going on.  Maybe they are also using Authorize.Net.  I'm hoping and praying someone on this forumn know a setting or tweak that I can do to stop this from happening.


Is it something I am doing in my calls to Autho.Net?  I am using WellsFargo as my merchant provider, could it be them or Authorize.Net that is causing this?  


These are my two known alternatives that are not favorable, please do not re-suggest these:

  1. Use a different Gateway, not looking to re-write my gateway code
  2. Make my customer fill out the tip first, then swipe the card and call a Auth_Capture with the final amount

Any HELP would be much much appreciated!!!!!


or use CIM. monthly and other fees.


Call Prior_Auth_Capture with the existing Authorization Code

Prior_auth_capture use transactionID, Capture_only use authorization code.


Turns out the "Auth_Only" call acually puts a temporary charge on the card.

Yes that how it works. auth_only put a hold on that amount on the credit/debit card.


problem with what you did is using your 5+1 example, if the customer have only $9 on their debit it will fail, and if they only have $10 and need the $4 for something like train fare or something it will fail.