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Question regarding fields in the BatchStatisticType class

The BatchStatisticType class has a bunch of boolean flags that seem to be redundant. For example, these two


private bool returnedItemAmountFieldSpecified;

private bool returnedItemAmountSpecified1Field;


are used to indicate whether “returnedItemAmountField” field is present or not. I understand that the API was developed before nullable value types where allowed in .NET, so at that time, “returnedItemAmountField” could not be declared like this:


   private decimal? returnedItemAmountField;


That is fine, but my question is related to the two Boolean flags. One is called “***FieldSpecified” and the other one is called “***Specified1Field”. What’s the difference between the two?



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I can't seem to find returnedItemAmountSpecified1Field is the C# dll solution.


I use my Sandbox account and therefore my Service Reference points to the test environment Authorize.Net exposes for developers. This is the URL configured in the service reference:


When the service is added to the solution, a whole bunch of classes are brought in. This is how the "BatchStatisticType" class looks like after the import (I bolded the properties that are duplicates):



    [System.CodeDom.Compiler.GeneratedCodeAttribute("System.Xml", "4.0.30319.18408")]





public partial classBatchStatisticType : object, System.ComponentModel.INotifyPropertyChanged {


private string accountTypeField;


private string currencyCodeField;


private decimal chargeAmountField;


private int chargeCountField;


private decimal refundAmountField;


private int refundCountField;


private int voidCountField;


private int declineCountField;


private int errorCountField;


private decimal returnedItemAmountField;


private bool returnedItemAmountFieldSpecified;


private bool returnedItemAmountSpecified1Field;


private int returnedItemCountField;


private bool returnedItemCountFieldSpecified;


private bool returnedItemCountSpecified1Field; 


// I had to chop the resdt of the class because the message would have been to big.


Am I missing something? Do i use the wrong URL to create my service reference?




search on BatchStatisticType

Look like they use the returnedItemAmountSpecified or their definition,

and then .Net create it own copy for the minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1" name="xyz" type="s:decimal"