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Recurring Billing Subscription with multiple trial payments

I have 2 differnt scenarios that I would like to know if it supported. 


I have a recurring billing and I would like to offer a small trial $ (say $1) amount for 14 days, then $24.95 after the 14 days on a monthly basis. Can you allocate a smaller time frame initially?


Second. Can we offer a discount/coupon codes that we can easliy change when we want? Say offer 50%off and next week 70% later on 


I don’t use this feature but probably will at some point. A quick glance at the API indicates the answer is yes and yes. The trial feature seems pretty straightforward. In terms of issuing coupon codes, I do not think authorize is going to keep track of coupons on their backend, but or (if you are not them) your developer could use the API functionality to build that in your site. The feature you want is in the API reference under update a subscription. This function allows you to pull a preexisting subscription and change the amount and payment schedule. If you wanted to automate your coupons, meaning that you yourself would not make an individual API call for each customer with a subscription, the way to do it I think would be to have page on your website where they can enter their subscription ID and the coupon code. This would be on your front end and it would be tied to a server side API call. But that is getting into the mechanics of how to design this, and there are many ways of doing it I am sure. The short answer to your questions, again, are yes and yes. Click the API reference link and on the right there is a shortcut to the recurring billing section on the right. It will take you right to the list of ARB functions and their properties, along with sample code that will get you a big head start. Hope this helps.
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