Reporting API

I didn't see a function for this in the Reporting API doc, but I may have missed something:


Is it possible to call an API function to get a list of all of the settled transactions for a specific Subscription ID created via ARB?  This would include past recurring transactions for this subscription over many months, not just one settled batch.


Basically, I want to create a customer-accessible "front-end" to their subscription billing info.  I can create a page to update and/or cancel their account, but I'm sure they'll also want to a way to query all/some past charges.  Is this possible via an API so I can expose this info to the customer directly without me (the merchant) needing to generate a report via the merchant admin web page(s)?



-- Vinnie


Looking at all the documentation, it appears you can only get subscription status, not a list of charges. However, it's not terribly difficult to have your callback page record all ARB transactions to a simple database table as they come in, then generate a list upon request. That part only took me like an hour.


EDIT: By generate a report from the admin area, do you mean actually click a button or something to generate a person's report? Why would you need to do that? Just store their ARB ID in their user / customer record, so when they log in, you can generate a report on the fly from the transaction details stored via the method above.