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Reporting API

I didn't see a function for this in the Reporting API doc, but I may have missed something:


Is it possible to call an API function to get a list of all of the settled transactions for a specific Subscription ID created via ARB?  This would include past recurring transactions for this subscription over many months, not just one settled batch.


Basically, I want to create a customer-accessible "front-end" to their subscription billing info.  I can create a page to update and/or cancel their account, but I'm sure they'll also want to a way to query all/some past charges.  Is this possible via an API so I can expose this info to the customer directly without me (the merchant) needing to generate a report via the merchant admin web page(s)?



Not as far as I know. Though you can have your silent post page associate transaction ID's with subscription ID's in your own database as payments come in, and maybe run all the transactions going backward in time using the Transaction Details API and fill in any ID's you missed due to not having the silent post page set up yet. Then your database can just look up the ID's.