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Response error 13 with active test account and valid Login ID and Transaction Key

I have an active sandbox account with Login ID and refreshed Transaction Key.


However I am getting a response error 13 when posting to


"The merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is inactive."


I have doublechecked using the Data Validation tool that x_login_id etc are being passed correctly so that is not the issue.


This is for SIM integration.


Any help much appreciated.


x_login_id is that a typo? 'cause it should be x_login


I am having the same problem...have you figured it out?


I'm really stuck and facing a deadline.


Thx-  EMC


Yeah, that was a typo above. I was using x_login.


I'm integrating with a Drupal webform which was nesting the form fields and adding a bunch of other stuff to the form. Once I removed those, I no longer get the error.




Yep.  Same issue for me after getting a fresh Transaction Key .  I get this error


(13) merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is inactive


I dont understand what either of these terms are.  1) merchant login ID -- there is no such term -- I presume they mean "API Login ID"


2) password -- I assume they mean "Transaction Key"


3) account is inactive --  Since 1 & 2 seem to be correct I now assume that my account has not been activated. 


My account is in test mode.  And, the documentation says I can run with 1 & 2 in Test Mode.  I am really frustrated right now.  And, why doesnt consistently use the same terminology unless I am all wet on 1 & 2.


if you are using test account, are you sending to

That was exactly the reason.  Thankyou for your rapid response.