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SIM Fail Response Resubmission

On other payment providers the gateway seems to do verify a payment before it sends a response back to the client server. So if the user enters their card number, address, CVC or any other detail wrong, the payment form will show again with these errors in order for a user to correct them.


Now it might just be the way my merchant provider (who won't give me access to the account) has the system set up, but at present on our sytem if the user gets a detail wrong on the hosted payment page, just sends us the relay response with the error code and description and we're basically stuck. If the user presses the back button tells them they can't resubmit and we don't know how to show them a form with the details that they can correct and resubmit (as surely they'd now be on an unsafe site, and the form would look different).


So, is there a way to have the user sent back to the hosted payment page if they get their details wrong? Or do we have to just regenerate a new transaction URL and stick a link or meta refresh tag on the relay response page (bearing in mind this will be a page without styles as browsers won't load our remote stylesheets without SSL) to send them back to a blank payment page to try again?

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I've not seen that option before; would it mean I can set x_relay_always to false to make sure it doesn't have that behaviour? I'm currently not setting anything, as the response is configured in the account.

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It would only catch simple error like the link said, past expiration date, miss type on the CC#, not going to catch anything the required to send the transaction to the processor to find out.