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SIM questions.

Hi guys,

I am new in the field of payment processing. I have some experience with paypal integration, so I decided to choose SIM method, because I have no experience in handling security.


I have created a site which sells small number of products (~10) and have a simple shopping cart that uses cookies to store selected products. I want to have a checkout button that goes to server and sends information about the chosen product - each one with its name and price. I read some instructions and looked at the example code (PHP) and got a bit confused:


1. Is it true that I can send only one product with its description and price, or I can send a list of products using Server Integration Method?


I do not have user registration on my site and I need to know who the customer is. I need that information because after the payment I have to send information to a fulfillment center that will handle the delivery. They want the information in a STANDARD6 format. So my question is:


2. Can I receive back information after payment about the customer (Name, Address, Email), because I need to relay it to a fulfillment center and I do not have user registration on my website?


Thank you for your help.




1). No. It's not true. You can send more then one item using SIM. If you search the forums I know someone posted how to do it. It should also be in the SIM Guide (PDF).


2) Yes. Use Relay Response. It basically allows you to make your own receipt/thank you page which receives information about the transaction. It receives the same information as Silent Post.

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I checked through the SIM guide but was not able to locate any specific examples of sending along a list of product data to be displayed at the payment gateway. 


Can anyone point me to a resource that explains how to do this?  


Thank you.



Go to Additional API Fields or the appendix of API fields at the end, scroll through that or do a find for "x_line_item". I don't believe the SIM API [PHP] has a built-in feature for adding line items, but you can probably adapt code from the addLineItem() function and _setPostString() functions in the AIM API for use in combining line items into the desired string.

Thanks TJ!


that is exactly what I was looking for