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Shopify Recharge App Integration

I need your help. I am trying to develop a Recharge API based app. In their API documenation regarding it's stated that I should pass when trying to create a customer with payment token (authorizedotnet_customer_token). I don't know what kind of token their API is expecting. In the API it's mentioned that when we create a customer profile through the API, a token is returned. I tried making an API request for that through Postman but I don't see a token in the returned result.  I can only see customerId and paymentId. I tried using both for the authorizedotnet_customer_token, while making the Recharge API request but it seemed it was not successful. Now I'm wondering if the token they require is a token returned when creating a customer profile with the Authorize API or it's a tokenized payment detail that the CC card company provides. If not, how/where can I get that token?

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