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Silent Post with ARB and Asp.Net

Was reading other forum posts about ARB silent post processing with Asp.Net...


On page 22 and 23 of the ARB XML guide, it talks about Silent Post URL in your 'Live' Account.



Does the Silent Post URL feature work in ''?

Or is the silent post functionality only usable/testable when using your 'live' account?


I set up the Silent Post URL in my sandbox account, and did a test ARB payment but did not get a result.

When I browse directly to the page, I did get a test email albeit blank...but the page was there and working.

My aspx page iterates thru the Request.Form keys and sends an email...that is the goal.


All the best,




When you say you set up the silent post URL and then tested an ARB payment, what do you mean? I'm pretty sure silent post does in fact work in sandbox (previous posts by mods, as well as the fact that you can set a silent post URL in the sandbox control panel, would seem to support this...), but ARB does not do the first charge immediately. You're better off using AIM to test silent post, since the fields that come through are virtually identical and you don't have to wait for anything. Once you've got it working with AIM, you can move your code over to the production account and run through a real subscription dated for tomorrow. As long as you make sure to log var dumps of the posts to the page, it'll be pretty easy to make any final tweaks from there.


Or at least that's what I did the first time.