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Strange browser behavior when charging credit card with the sandbox

I’m having a kind of weird browser behavior. I would appreciate your help on this. This is the case:

1) User have to login to access a restricted page on my Website. As soon as user login, some values are placed into ‘session’.

2) User fills a form to buy something with credit card. Process goes through well, credit card is charged and the credit card server respond is received by a particular page on my server.

3) The receiving page checks the respond and redirects it to the final received page to show client the final transaction report.

4) Now is the trick part, when all of this is done with Microsoft Explorer, transaction goes well from beginning to end. I repeat the process, one, two, three … times and everything is fine. But when it is done for the first time with Google Chrome or Fire Fox, transaction go well, but at the end, the user cannot see the final transaction report and these two browsers ask the user to login again. I included an ‘alert’ to check if the user is still login, but when trying to displaying the username and data in session, they are empty.

After a second login, everything goes well and user does not have to login again. Now the alert shows the user name and session values.

What is going on here? Does anybody have a clue? How can I fix this? I just ran out of ideas. I would appreciate your help. Thanks       


Accepted Solutions

Talk to your site developer to see what/how it checking to see if a user is login.

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If you are using DPM or SIM, you can't use session data, because the session will be different from your server to


Put hte sessiondID on the screen and see if it different on firefox and chrome.


Thanks for your response. Now, if I can not use session, why after the second try, everything goes well with Chrome and Fire Fox? And the session values are display as well. I don't get it. And after the second try, when everything is working fine, the values for the session are the same in all browsers.



I have to clarify something here. My 'session' value is only use locally. This value never go to the server. When a response come from this server and it is redirected to the right place, my server call the 'session' value and as I said before it is always there after the second login. My question is why after the second? Why user have to log twice? And this is only with Chrone and Firefox. Thanks

If you login again, it is using the same session or a new session?

If it is the same session, there might be something on your site that check for user login. talk to your developer to see what it checking that.



If user login again the name of the variable is the same of course, but just by login again and go through the coding steps, the code create the session again but with the same value.  

Talk to your site developer to see what/how it checking to see if a user is login.