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Subscription search by Customer ID in the browser



I am integrating Sales Force quick links for customer id look to 


I'd to know if anyone knows how to manipulate this string witht he proper fields. So far I can only see that it searches by customer transaction id.  I'd like to know what the other fields are so I query against them and how the syntax is set.


e.g. of query:




Not sure what you're trying to do, exactly? That's actually a transaction ID, not a customer ID, and if what you're trying to do is look up orders on your web site programmatically and display reports, you should investigate the Transaction Details API.


Basically, you put in the transaction ID and get out all the order information. Hopefully your web site has been storing transaction ID's.


If, on the other hand, you want to find transactions through the account control panel, you should click the Search tab at the top of the page and use that.


Thanks for the reply.


That was just an example, i'd like to use some syntax like that transaction id in a browswer that allows me to query the customer id instead, or by last name via the browser string, which will map into a quick link for our support team.



Hmm. There isn't a search API, as far as I know. If you want to search on customer ID, customer name, etc., my advice is to store the searchable fields in your database along with the transaction or subscription ID, then bring up the rest of the order info with the Transaction Details API or the appropriate ARB or CIM API once your database returns a list of transactions or subscriptions. I always store customer name, address, etc. in my own database for easy searching later when I do something like this.