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Super Slow DPM response times

We've integrated our site with the DPM method. We are timing how long it takes between the time we initially post to and how long it takes before the reservation-relay page is posted back to from the servers. Some of our transactions are snappy, but 80% of them take 30 seconds or longer -- sometimes as long as 130 seconds before we even hear back from


We aren't sure how or where to being trouble-shooting this. Anyone got any suggestions?


What kind of hosting do you have? And are you using a sandbox account or production?


We are hosted with rackspace running a couple nodeJS servers. Our response times and uptime are phenominal. The account is in production.

Well, that makes no sense then. Sandbox often lags, but production is pretty darn fast. And if your hosting isn't lag spiking, then the lag shouldn't be on your end either. Unless the relay response page is SSL and something is causing the SSL handshakes to lag weirdly, or if there's something on your relay response page that could theoretically hang. Does it still do this if you set relay response to http instead of https? Here's the official list of things that might go wrong with relay response: