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Taking a Cut

Hi Guys,


I'm interested in the platform, but I'm not sure if it can do what I need.


A customer pays me $1.00 for a digital download (call it Book A). I want to take a cut (say $0.15) and then pay the remainder ($0.85) to the producer of the digital content.


However I don't want to do this on a realtime basis. For in house accounting reasons, I'd prefer to pay the producer of the content at the end of every month. For example if Book A is sold 100 times during the month I would pay the producer of Book A 100 * $0.15 = $15.00


I know from a technical level how to store the transaction value etc so that I can calculate how much to pay the producer of the book, but does the platform handle sending payments?


In terms of my server implementation - I've nothing built as yet, but I'm interested in seeing whether this is viable before I go any further - so my developments requirements are completely flexible to whatever is required by






Short answer - no. What you're looking for is electronic transfers, which are totally different from a regular merchant account. Talk to your bank about an Automated Clearinghouse tie-in, larger branches probably have something you can use: