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Test Account - Creation of new Payment Method in CIM


I've made it to the point where the following has happened:


1.  Obtained a customerProfileId for a new customer

2.  Obtained a token from the server with which to send the customer to the Hosted system to add payment/card information

3.  Passed that token to the Hosted page

4.  The browser is directed to the correctly, but all I see is this:


Payment Information Add a New Payment Method

Shipping Information Add a New Shipping Address

Return to MySite (an additional button here that says 'Return to Mysite' on it, so it's on there twice)


"MySite" actually says what I told it to say on the page that initially requested the token, and if it is clicked it does return the customer to the correct location on my site with all the params that I set during the token setup phase.. so that part works fine.


The problem is, the actual links that say 'Add a New Payment Method' and 'Add a New Shipping Address' dont work.

The source code shows that the 'Add a New Payment Method' link is referenced with this:

href="javascript:;" onclick="addPayment_onclick()" id="lnkPaymentAdd"

So it is an actual link, and there's supposed to be some kind of javascript action going on there.   I can see in the source code for that page a couple of references to javascript files that I assume are suppose to be controlling these onclick actions.. but they don't appear to be working.


I had to set up a test account to get this system working because none of these things will function for testing on a live account that is set in 'test mode'.


Any idea how I'm supposed to test the system if A.) testing doesn't work with a live account in test mode and B.) the resulting pages when testing with a non-live test account dont function?





Regular Contributor

Make sure that you are sending the browser to without a trailing slash.  If you add the slash like you did in your description, it changes the relative URL path and the scripts will not be found.  It should be a simple change to make in your integration.

Administrator Administrator