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Test mode question: CCV2 not showing up?



I am running in TEST mode, and wanted to check a few fields.


From some googling, I've confirmed that the authorization code will always be 000000.


Below is an email I am sending myself with the values from the response:


AVS response: P ( address verification )

Order: 12345
Customer: 23456
Amount: 3.00
MD5 hash: 39EDC7836D7F7161292209DE9D3626E6
Authorization Code:  000000 ( store in DB )

Last 4 digits: XXXX2222 (store in DB)
Response Code: 2 ( 1 = approved, 2 = declined, 3 = error, 4 = held )
Response Reasons: 3 ( see docs )
CVV2 response:  ( M = match, N = no match )


Specific questions:

1.  For some reason, the CVV2 response is empty.  Is this normal in test mode?

2.  None of my transactions are showing up in the sandbox account.  It sounds like this is normal - but then how can I ever really test that orders will show up correctly for me to process later?




1)Yes. But you can test the response.

2)Let it run in livemode and it will show up in your sandbox account.




I am still unable to get a response from CVV.


Here is what I am passing in:


Transaction amount:  $2.00

Credit card:  4222222222222

Zip code:  46217 ( expect this response: Z - Address: No Match ZIP Code: Match ) - end up getting P instead

Card code:  tried both 900 and 901.  Neither returned a value (expecting M or N)


Any suggestions?


My account is set to test mode, and I am also passing in a hidden field to leave test mode on.

Are you running sandbox in test mode or a production account in test mode? Do you have Settings -> Card Code Verification set to reject on a non-match?



When you say "let IT run in livemode", what do you mean exactly?


I see 3 basic ways of running test mode:


1.  using the URL

2.  pass in the hidden field to enable test in the form

3.  there seems to be a test mode option in the sandbox account that you can turn on and off


What combination of these things should be off/on in order to view transactions? Without being charged for them?

To clarify,


I am attempting to look at my data at


I currently have the CCV filter ENABLED and all values (N,P,S,U) set to decline.  I assumed this would flag the transaction as a failure, but sitll expected the CCV code to be returned to me, no?

I see 3 basic ways of running test mode:

1.  using the URL

2.  pass in the hidden field to enable test in the form

3.  there seems to be a test mode option in the sandbox account that you can turn on and off


1.test mode and test/sandbox server is not the same.





Common Questions
As you do your testing, you will inevitably encounter some questions and areas of confusion. Here are some of the most common issues we see:

  • The test server and the live server are completely separate. You cannot use your test account’s API Login ID and Transaction Key on the live server, nor can you use your live account’s credentials on the test server. If you do, you will receive an Error 13. Always make sure that if you are posting to the test server ( that you are using your TEST account’s API Login ID and Transaction Key. If you are posting to the live server ( then you must use your LIVE account’s credentials.
  • Using test mode in your test account – you’re already in test mode by default as your test account only uses the test environment. There is no reason to place your test account into Test Mode.
  • Transactions that are run from your live account while in Test Mode are not stored anywhere. There will be no history of them. However, transactions run in your test account will be stored in your test account’s transaction history, which is another reason why a test account is the recommended method of testing.
  • Also, when you run a transaction in Test Mode using your live account, the Transaction IDs returned in the response will be all zeros.
  • In the test environment, any transactions run whether using a test credit card or a real account will NEVER actually be charged. The test environment does not send data to any banks.
  • On that note, test credit cards are real card numbers but they are not actually linked to a credit card account.