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Testing eCheck transactions?

Hi All,


First time poster, long-time lurker.


I'm writing my first integration to the test sandbox and can successfully process CC transactions, but having trouble with eChecks.


Can't seem to get anything to go through successfully.


I've looked for test ABA/Account numbers, but can't seem to find anything in the eCheck Developer Guide. I've been using:


"x_bank_aba_code", "411111111"

"x_bank_acct_num", "411111111"


But get the following (partial) response back:


  1. 33 
  2. Bank account number is required. 

Are there specific test account numbers/ABA numbers I should  be using?

Have searched the forums but not finding anything regarding this...


Any help IS appreciated.


Thanks in advance,




For those still looking for routing/account numbers, I found some in the AuthorizeNetAIM_Test.php file of the SDK.

This was available in the SDK:


'bank_aba_code' => '121042882',            

'bank_acct_num' => '123456789123',            

'bank_acct_type' => 'CHECKING',            

'bank_name' => 'Bank of Earth',            

'bank_acct_name' => 'Jane Doe',

Howdy All,

Having had banged my head against the wall as well with this completely silly issue as well, I thought I'd share my findings.  You can see the complete govt list of ABA numbers here;


fedwire directory


As far as I can tell it is 100% uptodate, and is updated on a daily basis.


I hope that this helps you all save a bit of time.



I don't have a problem with the Routing number but with the process overall in the sand box.  Every echeck transaction always comes back as response code = 1 which, from what I understand, will almost never happen in production.  Production will respond with a response code = 4 (pending) for echeck requests because they are never approved at the time of request.  If this is the case then why is there not a process in the sand box to allow you to simulate this?  I have no practical way to accurately test my code and workflow under this setup.


This leads to my second gripe, batches - there is no way to simulate settling batches in the sand box and therefore no way to test the full workflow of checking for settled batches at night and marking a transaction as successful or failure based on the settlement process.  How are you supposed to test this without going into a real production account and just winging it?


Jim Fee

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Any update on this? I have to agree, it's quite difficult to test things as thay seem to be.