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Trying to decide which Authorize product to use

Hi Community. I have a client with an ecommerce website. We need to accept payment by serving up a secure Authorize page for entering credit card data. We also need this page to be branded with the look and feel of the client's website with the URL of the client's website so that they customer doesn't feel like they have left the website. I am looking into SIM, AIM and DPM. which one is best for our needs? What problems commonly arise with using one of these methods over others? Thanks you guys!


Any help would sure be appreciated. Thanks guys.


Sweet. This really helps. I am thinking DPM is best but has anyone noticed any issues with either DPM or AIM as far as relaying info back to a Magento website. Any issues at all noticed with DPM or AIM with Magento?

The fact that it's Magento shouldn't change anything, assuming you're not on bargain-basement hosting. And DPM, while somewhat more complicated to integrate, has the advantage of no exposure to credit card data. The only potential downside is it's not set up well for international addresses - there's no address 2 field, for instance - and since it submits directly to, your options are rather limited when it comes to dealing with that. You can kludge your way around it using some rather messy Javascript, but to be honest, I'd use a different method or a different payment processor if you're likely to have a lot of orders outside the US.

The client will have orders in Australia. Most in US. Possibly some in UK but not a ton. Would AIM be better than DPM if this is the case?