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Trying to get Android SDK Examples to work


We are an client, and are trying to add the payment processing functionality to our in-house Android app.

I am trying to get the Android Example code to work with a version 2.3.3 (API 10) Project with the minimum required SDK of 2.2(API 8). I am following the directions on this site under Integration -> Quick Start Guide -> Android, but am getting an error because the SDK download (anet-java-sdk-android-2.0.5.jar) does not have "" within it, so the statements "package net.authorize;" and the 4 statements "import;" are giving a "cannot be resolved" error in the file that I am instructed to create.

I have also tried using the Example code (from "anet_android_samples") by creating a new project from existing source code, and am adding "anet-java-sdk-android-2.0.5.jar" to the build path as instructed, but all the src files in the example code (*) comes up as unresolved, because they are not in the "anet-java-sdk-android-2.0.5.jar" file.

I am a fairly experienced Java programmer, but I am pretty new to the quirks of Android and Eclipse, so please bear with my naivete. If anyone could help me get this setup so that I can start using the Examples, that would be much appreciated.

Thank you.



Try placing anet-java-sdk-android-2.0.5.jar from the "lib" folder, into a new folder called "libs". This is in accordance with the new Android guidelines of putting external libraries in the /libs folder of the project directory.


That should make the imports resolve!


And to clarify, when you put an external library in the /libs folder, it is no longer necessary to add it as a dependency through Eclipse - the Android plugin will do this automatically. 

I am also facing the same issue, even after placing the jar in libs folder


  If the problem is resolved for you. please let me know how you did that