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Unable to Verify Merchant

Has anyone else had a problem with the Click to Verify button? I've used it for years and all of the sudden last Fall it started showing Unable to Verify Merchant. I opened a ticket with and it was fixed in about a week. Now it is doing this again and I cannot get them to support their code. It's been 2 months now; I've opened 2 tickets and they have no idea how to help me. insists that it is my issue even though the code is from them and the verify window opens to an page.


Could it really be something on my end I am overlooking? Please help!





The occasional person has complained that it isn't working properly in Opera or something like that; however, the page seems to be working fine for me when I load it in my browser. Of course, I cheated and just put up the image, linked to the verification page (I don't like to rely on third-party code), so I don't know if that's bypassing a potential problem or not.


What browser are you using?


Thanks for the reply. How did you bypass their code? It shows unable to verify merchant for me in all browsers. It worked for me for years and then all of the sudden last Fall it started doing this. They fixed it for a couple of months and now it doesn't work again and they won't support it. It is their code and opens a window at their url, but somehow I'm suppose to fix it. My host has done an extensive research as well as me and another webmaster and as far as anyone can tell it is's problem.


Do you know a way I can make this work without them?




Can you give a link to your non-working merchant seal?