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Updating Customer's Subscription

Let me descibe my situation first.


I have a customer who has subscribed one of my plans and now, the customer wants to upgrade their subscription.


In my case upgrading subscription means adding more device and for each device, they add I provide them a trial period.


I charge them based on the number of devices they have in their subscription.


My problem is how can I continuously charge for previous devices and keep the new device in the trial period?


I’m using  ARB for billing my customer.


Hi Asim

When creating an ARB susbcription, you set the time between each payments by setting the interval. You can also set a trial period. This trial period is set by setting the number of trialOccurences , meaning the trail period will last for a period of time = trialOccurences * interval.

When the first subscription is created, let's say you set the subscription to be a monthly subscription of 10$/month.
When the customer is upgrading, you want to charge them for the new device, but this time provide them a trial period for the first two months. This would mean that you create a new subscription with only the fee for this device, and set the trial period for this subscription as trialOccurences=2.
For customer's convenience, you might prefer to set the startDate of the new subscription to match the next payment dates of the original subscription. This way, the customer gets all the charges on only day of the month, although, it would still be multiple charges on that day.

Does this kind of plan suit your needs, or is my understanding incorrect?