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Updating Subscription Documentation is wrong

I've complained recently about the docs being incomplete, inaccurate, or unreadable. Here's an example.


We are implementing API calls to update recurring subscriptions. This page has some details about doing so:




The subscription start date (subscription.paymentSchedule.startDate) may only be updated if no successful payments have been completed.

The subscription interval information (subscription.paymentSchedule.interval.length and subscription.paymentSchedule.interval.unit) may not be updated.

The number of trial occurrences (subscription.paymentSchedule.trialOccurrences) may only be updated if the subscription has not yet begun or is still in the trial period.

But if we go to the API reference docs:


These fields that either may not be updated or else may only conditionally be updated are all marked as required:


interval, length, startDate, etc. 


It looks like somebody just copy-pasted the createSubscription request field docs.