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Webhook automatically disabled

Hi all.   I'm using the new hosted form method via a full page redirect to the form, not an iframe or modal.  So in order to capture the results I'm using webhooks.  This has been working fine.


Yesterday someone submitted a live payment and I noticed my application did not reflect the payment.  After some digging, I saw that the webhook I had set up was showing as "inactive".  I definitely did not change that status, nor could anyone else have, so what would explain it suddenly becoming inactive?


The only thing I can think is that my handling script has logic in it where if a temporary issue occurs (e.g. could not make a database connection) then it will return a 400 status code instead of 200 so the webhook will be called again.  Is it possible that the system saw the target URL return 400 a few times and decided it was an invalid URL so disabled it?  If so, what is the threshold and how else should it be handled when you want the system to resend the notification later due to a temporary error?


Part 2 of the question is that now that I've reactivated it, is there any way to resend the notification(s) that were not sent while it was inactive?


Hi @dbr11


Yes we are planning of such a feature in the next release soon . 


Will keep you posted on the updates . 



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Hi mikemurphy


The webhook deactivation email is currently in place in Production. It is sent to only one email address on the account that you do not have the ability to configure or update. If you have such an account, please contact support to verify your secure information and validate and/or update the information on file. 




I called support and they didn't even have any email on file it was blank. Apparently, they have to add it on the back end and has nothing to do with the settings you can edit yourself.