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What does error E00009 mean?

If you are receiving error E00009, “The payment gateway account is in Test Mode. The request cannot be processed” while requesting the ARB or CIM API, then your account is in Test Mode. Because the ARB and CIM APIs do not function in Test Mode, you need to disable Test Mode through the Merchant Interface.


To do this, log into your account, click Settings under Account in the left-side menu, then click Test Mode under the General Security Settings section. From here, click Turn Test OFF to put your account in Live Mode. Once you’ve done this, you should no longer receive error E00009 when requesting the ARB or CIM API.

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This doc shows all the error codes and their reasons.


If you can't use the CiM API in test mode then how do you test CIM ??

There used to be a special test account for CIM, but now when you apply for a CIM test account it makes you use an actual account and just put it in test mode. Now my test CIM transactions don't work


You can test CIM by using the test URL specified in the integration guide:

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While the ARB_Guide shows all the error codes it does not show thier reasons.


For example E00013  - The field is invalid.  Or

Credit Card Expiration Date is invalid.  Or
The credit card has expired.  Or  ????????

Where can I find all the possible error messasges?  How can I associate an error with an object ID?  Which field is invalid?



Thanks.... :smileymad:

Hey jmsides,


In the response text you receive, you should be seeing something that says "[fieldname] is invalid." What are you seeing in the response text?




ErrorE00007User authentication failed due to invalid authentication values.

when using apitest.

works on api.


cant test in test mode cause u get:

ErrorE00009The payment gateway account is in Test Mode. The request cannot be processed.


what the point in having test credit cards then?

There is a difference between live mode and test mode, and production accounts and developer (also known as sandbox or test) accounts. If you're testing, you should be using a developer account in live mode. It gives a more accurate representation than test mode with a production account.