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Why no getTransactionDetailsRequest by batchId? Or maybe a getTransactionDetailsListRequest?




The getTransactionListRequest is useless to me as the summary doesn't provide enough information.


What I need is the Transaction details in a list by batch. However, to iterate through a single batch to call the getTransactionDetailsRequest method on EVERY transaction causes literally hundreds of calls and many minutes to complete.


I'm hoping there is some undocumented means by which to get the Transaction Details in a list by batch? Isn't good practice not to have this structured feature in a data webservice.






Hi krickster,


The getTransactionsListRequest only returns transaction summary information and cannot be made to return transaction details. The amount of information necessary to provide transaction details for every transaction in a batch is too large for a single API call. As you suggested, it is necessary to retrieve the full details on a per-transaction basis when using the reporting API.
Alternatively, you can usually store the same data by capturing it from the initial transaction response.




Administrator Administrator


I get it. But at least give us somekind of internal reference in the transactionlist like CustomerId.


As it is now, I have no way of identifying our customer payments to our accounts. Our customers may have multiple accounts in seperate platforms and use the same card, but when we pull the settlement transactions we need to instantly identify which account and platform the payment belongs to. We set the customerId for exactly that reason.

Hello @krickster

Thanks for providing the additional detail on why you need this capability.  Your request is very similar to another developer who suggested adding the ability to return transactions based on the invoice number stored with the transaction.  I would suggest adding yoru vote as well.



Thanks Richard.


Their situation still differs in a major way. Theirs is still a 1 to 1 request.  My whole problem is that I can only get the information I need on a 1 to 1 basis.


I would like to grab a batch list in a single call with the CustomerId (or some other merchant defined identifier) included in the transactionlist result.


That single field turns hundreds of calls into a single informative one.