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eCheck + CIM and Settlement

I was hoping someone could provide specifics on the settlement process for eCheck transactions through CIM.  I am only operating in the sandbox at the moment so I am unable to test this myself.  Can someone verify this process for me please?


  1. My application passes an auth and capture request to an existing (and valid) bank account payment profile 
  2. CIM verifies that the routing and account numbers are valid and returns a response - accepted
  3. Some time later the daily settlement process kicks in and the actual request is sent on to the appropriate bank


Here's where I'm confused on the process.  I understand that eChecks can take several days to clear and for funds to be appropriately transferred, but what actually gets displayed on the Settlement Notification and when does the eCheck transaction appear on it?


  1. Does the eCheck appear on the settlement notification when the funds actually clear the bank, or after a request has been successfully submitted to the bank during the settlement process? 
  2. If the settlement date is not the date of fund transferal, is there a reliable way to determine this date from within Authorize.Net, or do I simply need to check my bank account?
  3. Does the transaction appear on the settlement form as some sort of pending transaction and then appear again when funds are transferred?


Would someone be able to clear this up for me please?




Would depend on the bank. Pretty sure the transaction doesn't go to the bank until batch processed, but after that the bank could show it as pending immediately, or not show it until it gets okayed, or whatever it feels like doing during the 2-3 days it takes to process through. You won't necessarily get the money until 7 days later, though.


 Q. How does eCheck.Net work?

  1. A customer presents their bank account information for processing, specifically the ABA routing number and their bank account number.
  2. Using the customer's bank account information, an electronic request is made to Authorize.Net to charge or refund the customer in the amount of the purchase, via the merchant's website or the Virtual Terminal.
  3. Authorize.Net receives the electronic request and stores the transaction in the "batch" where the other transactions for the day reside.
  4. At the end of each business day, a request is submitted to the customer's bank through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) to charge or refund that particular customer. This is called "settlement" or "settling your batch".
  5. Because there is still manual intervention by the bank, electronic checks are not considered "real-time". The eCheck.Net system waits for the result of the transaction from the bank. This process usually takes 2-3 business days, but has been known to take up to 5 business days.
  6. If sufficient funds are available in the customer's account, the funds will be deposited into your bank account on file by eCheck.Net after a 7 day clearing phase. If funds are not available, the customer's bank will send back a response through the ACH to Authorize.Net and we will post the item as a return to your settlement statement.
  7. Your eCheck.Net account balance will be updated depending on the results of the transactions.