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server configuration change 05:30-05:40 GMT 24-07-2014

Hey Authorize.NET.


Sevices constructed by us on behalf of ASM ( started failed to update post payment yesterday 24-07-2014 morning. The last known good transaction was at 05:33 and the first known bad was at 05:44. Can you suggest what might have changed in this period for transactions to suddenly stop completing. From our server side, it seems that the callback which confirms payment has been successfully taken (or cancelled by the user) are not making it through.


A test ran earlier today showed that the Authorize.NET payments page is successfully shown to the user, and payment is taken successfully from the users card - it's only the confirmation back to our services which is not completing.


All information or routes to dig out where the change has taken place most gratefully received.






Hello Peter,


Can you duplicate this in the sandbox?


Have you logged the response so we can helpf further troubleshoot with you?


Our servers now support content-encoding, so please ensure that your configuration supports this.



Administrator Administrator

Can't replicate in sandbox or on any of our DEV/TEST/BETA environments. Dug deep into Apache logs and noticed that the IP address of the LIVE Authorize.NET service had changed dramatically. Added config into our services to deal with that change (although wondering who / when that change might have been communicated to us).


All now well again - consider this issue closed.