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switch from simple check out to SIM

I am a newbie and started out with simple checkout.  I realized that SIM may be a better option for me because I want to add customized text fields.  How do I switch to SIM from simple checkout.



Note that if you want this to work on a production account, as opposed to developer, you'll need to change the sample code so it submits to here instead:


There are of course a host of other possible configuration options, but this will do for starters.


thanks.  I have been looking at the SIM and other options listed.  I really don't know php, java, etc... that well.  I liked how simple checkout gave the code.   what do you mean work on production account?  I have been trying to develop a form via java script from a form builder and embedding it into my page via dreamweaver, but I don't like the functionality and worry about the security.  I liked the credit card part via API and transaction key, but lose the security code thing as a result.  I liked linking to page.  My big issue is I want to include custom field boxes (In memory of...) all on one form and get all data in a report.   I am only dealling with donations as I am a non profit.  Simple check out doesn't have the flexibility i need.  advice


Outside of Simple Checkout, AIM is probably the easiest to implement if you want a custom form. You can get code for that by downloading the PHP SDK and then looking in the doc folder for a file called AIM.markdown. A really bare-bones piece of example code is here:


If you don't want the credit card data to pass through your site at all, then DPM will still allow you a custom form, but with a flow similar to SIM. You can get excellent examples of DPM from the Direct Post guide:


Given your needs, I probably wouldn't recommend the other API's.