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questions about itemized tax information

I'm submitting itemized transactions to the api and you have the option to inidicate a "Y" or a "N" for taxes. How does the api respond to a "Y"?


I have submitted "Y" for every item, but i input the total amount of tax that i've calculated as the total tax in the tax field of the entire transaction. When i do this, the emailed receipts always display a "N" for Taxable column for each item.


Are you suppose to submit a tax rate into your virtual terminal settings and let the api calculate it out for you?  


Is there anyway to remove Taxable column from the emailed receipts if thats the case? I have three taxes i'm calculating and submitting on my end and the rates are different for each product category.


Does it give you a Y if you don't submit an overall tax amount? If so, one might deduce that the flag represents whether the CUSTOMER is supposed to be paying sales taxes, rather than you. In that case, the correct thing would be to set it to N for each item.


Amazon got in big trouble recently because the law says that customers are theoretically responsible for paying sales taxes, so Amazon was giving themselves a big edge over local retailers by not collecting sales taxes and then passing the responsibility on to the customer without making it particularly clear. The states are coming after Amazon for the sales taxes it should have been collecting, but it's far too late for many retailers, such as Border's.


Hmm..i'm not sure i understand. I'm doing the calculating for the sales tax and tacking that onto the total. I guess if i'm doing it that way, the customer IS being charged for the sales tax. So i should set each item to N?

Yes, if my assumptions are correct.