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ARB records moved to CIM

Hello Everyone,


Does anyone know if could move the ARB subscriptions, along with the credit card information, into the CIM database (create the customer payment profile for us with the ARB info).?


We would love to move to CIM for more control, but we really do not want everyone to re-enter their information. We feel that if customers had to re-enter credit card information we would lose a lot of business.


Thanks in advance


Not something there's any scripting functionality for, as far as I know, so it's not really an integration issue per se. My advice would be to submit a ticket through your account and see if you can get a response that way.


Thats for the suggestion. I've opened a ticket, but I'm hoping someone on the forums has encountered this situation.


Thanks again


After opening an eticket, said they could provided a downloadable (probably Excel file) copy of credit card information for our ARB subscriptions. Of course they are going to charge a fee for this download.


Thought someone in the future might like to know this.


Really? So if someone gains access to your account login, all they have to do is submit a ticket and will send them a list of credit cards, with the fee being billed to you? I could understand them having some process for creating profiles and then sendign you a list of profile ID's, but this sounds like a security hole.