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Account Updater False Positive ACL/Account Closed



We are using the Account Updater and love the concept but we have six clients that have to call in every month because our system cannot bill them because their payment profile was deleted after the Acconut Updater returned a status of ACL (Acconut Closed). While this is out of (low) thousands, it is still untenable for these busy clients and most people who subscribe to a service.


We have confirmed that the clients supply the exact same credit card and it gets the stauts of ACL the following month as well.


This is causing so many problems that it seems out only options are to tell the clients to just leave or cancel the account updater.


Are there an options like only having the account updater update but not delete payment profiles?


I see that CyberSource's API allows for batching updates which would be useful so that we only send certain accounts to the updater (as this thread also discusses) but that this isn't currently an option with

Any and all help is appreciated. As it is, we'll need to cancel the updater service in the next few days before the update deleted the payment methods for these 6 clients again.


Hello @issueafterissue


I would recommend contacting customer support by phone at 877-447-3938 to report this issue.   This will ensure your case is properly tracked and resolved.



Administrator Administrator

We are having this same issue - first month and customer is complaining they already used the card twice today elsewhere.


The expiration date is this month - will Account Updater show an account as closed if it is due to expire shortly? That doesn't seem to make any sense. 


@issueafterissue did you get any resolution to this?

@simeyla I don't believe the Account Updater deleted the payment profile because it was expiring soon. It sounds more like you are experiencing what I've seen about a dozen times so far. The Account Updater will report the card as closed even though it was not.


When you run the "Account Updater Report", does it show the Reason Code as "ACL" or "CCH"? That is what I am seeing for my issues.


If you are having the same issue, you will notice that even if you add the card again it will delete again next month. 


I opened a case with and they can't do anything about it. The data they get from the credit card companies says the card was closed so they delete the payment profile.


It would help if we could set what action is taken if the account is reported as closed (for example, do nothing) rather than delete it.

I've had the exact same problem. I have around 1000 customers stored in CIM, and I found 3 customers who were going in every single month to re-add the same card, only to have it deleted by account updater.


I've reported to customer service, and they say they can't do anything about it... but there is absolutely no reason that the cards have to be deleted from CIM. It's true they don't control the reported credit/ debit card account status, but they can choose how to manage the card in CIM.


I've used stripe for this and other businesses, and they also have an account updater feature... but they don't delete any stored cards, they just attempt to update. 


Over the past six months I've had nearly 10% of my cards marked as "ACL". I'm sure some truely were invalid, but I have no way to tell how many were actually valid forms of payment that were deleted from CIM. 


This particular business I ran for about a year on Stripe, and then switched to My attrition rate went up several percent just from billing failiures when I made the switch. 


Can you imagine the lost revenu for a truely large business... or the revenue lost for as a whole? 

Has anyone found a resolution to this issue?


This is a SERIOUS flaw in card updater, we have at least 20+ cards that this happens to on a monthly basis to the point that we cannot use the card updater at all. Customers are frustrated as there is NOTHING WRONG WITH THE CARD that is being ACLed repeatedly.


This sucks. needs to respond and fix this issue.


Simple fix is to allow merchants to select which actions should be taken by the card updater, and allow us to unselect ACL. We will deal with the ACL as any other declined card.