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C++ integration

Is there a simple integration method and sample code for MFC C++ (windows) or C Win32?


All of the integration methods work with any programming language. Unfortunately you'll be hard pressed to find code samples for C++ as Authnet doesn't offer any and I would be surprised if anyone opensourced their C++ code.

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Thanks.  Which method would not need a certificate on the machine where the desktop App resides?

The only way you can charge cards directly from an application is with AIM. Since you're connecting directly to and using their SSL, all your application has to be able to do is connect successfully to an https:// URL, you don't need a certificate on your end.


Keep in mind that AIM has PCI security requirements, and should only be used on devices that are used solely for charging cards, are not networked to other devices, connect directly to, and have sufficient firewalls / security software / etc. to protect your Internet connection. Following those rules will qualify you for SAQ-C, which is doable, rather than SAQ-D, which isn't.


Short of that, you can just put the charging part of the application on a web site and pop up a web browser. That will enable you to use methods hosted from, such as SIM or DPM.