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Customize billing information in hosted CIM option

I am using hosted CIM option for adding a new payment method. Can I send my default billing information while opening the form so that billing information is filled with default values when form get opened.


Thanks in advance !!


What do you mean by default billing information? Do you already have the card info in your database? If so, you can use a regular (non-hosted) CIM call to create the billing profile, then just send people to an edit popup for that profile. If you mean you have their shipping information but not the card info, then see this thread:


Trevor says:

If you populate a single shipping address [wth regular CIM...] and then send the customer to the "manage" page to add their own payment profile, then the shipping address will be prepopulated as the billing address.


EDIT: If you want code samples for regular CIM, and are using the PHP API, see the CIM.markdown file in the doc folder of your SDK.


This is not a solution because the user has to press another button (Add Payment).

If instead we use the addPayment call, we need a way to have a default address so user doesn't have to re-enter everything. Usually shipping address = billing address (or close to it).