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FDS - Pending Review change?



We use the AVS filter to Authorize and then put certain transcations on hold so that we can manually review them. The transactions go into a separate queue in our shopping system. After review, we Capture them as normal, or cancel them.


Before about July 8th, transactions on hold could be Captured via our store. Now, all transactions on hold, and then  Captured are NOT actually being captured. I have found that we now have to DOUBLE capture these transactions. The first Capture "approves" and the second actually Captures the funds.


Has anyone else noticed this change? Has it always been this way?





It sounds like you are using a hold feature that is a part of your store and not necessarily a part of Authorize.Net.  If you were using the option to hold transactions using our advanced fraud detection suite, then you would never be able to take them off hold programmatically.  Assuming this is the case, then your store would be running transactions as "authorize only" and then sending a section "prior authorization capture" signal based upon the address verificaton status.


The Authorization and Capture requests are a very fundamental part of our system and the behavior definitely hasn't changed.  I can only recommend checking with the developer of your shopping cart for information on what may have changed in your system.

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