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GetTransactionList function - Missing BatchSettlementID



I'm using the GetTransactionList function to download all the transactions for a given period and for reconciliation purpose I need the  BatchSettlementID, or BatchSettledOn values.

The problem is that BatchSettlementID is always NULL and the BatchSettledOn is 01/01/0001.

When I use the GetTransactionDetails function for a single transaction, the BatchSettlementID and BatchSettledOn values are correct.

Using the combination of the two functions gives the solution I need, but the run time is very long.





I don't see fields in the documentation for batch settlement ID or batch settled on. Given that GetTransactionList gives you transactions for a specific batch, couldn't you just use getBatchStatistics to get the overall info for the batch that you're looking for?


Thanks, but I need to use GetTransactionList with a date range and not with a specific batch.

BatchSettlementID and BatchSettledOn are members of the object returned by the function GetTransactionList, I don't know what is the reason they are not filled by this function.



Well, the documentation doesn't say anything about them being returned, as far as I can see. You'll just have to look up each transaction. If this is something that's run a lot of times, you could speed things up by storing each transaction's data after you look it up the first time, so the next time it's essentially cached in your database.