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How to obtain transactions' total amount of all the bookings done in running month.

I need the transactions' total amount of all the bookings done in running month.

Please let me know which api should i use for above purpose. Also, kindly let me know the details for the same.


Hi @shubh123,


All of the details for the transaction reporting functions in our API are spelled out here.


If you have specific questions about how any of these work, please let us know.

All Star

Can you tell me the difference between settled batch list and unsettled transaction list.

Hi @shubh123,


After you send a transaction in to us, there's a process of "clearing" and "settling", where the different banks involved (your bank, the customer's bank) actually account for the money moving back and forth. That's generally a once-per-day process. All of the transactions that settled in a particular run are collected together in a "batch" in our reporting. The settled batch list will list the batches. You can go further and then request details for individual batches to see what transactions are contained, and then request details on individual transactions.


The unsettled transaction list is a list of all transactions that have not yet gone through this process.


Here's a step-by-step explainer of the credit card payment process that explains a little more about settlement.