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I am a POS developer as a hobby and have many questions

My name is Mason. I'm very interested in incoperating credit card processing into my restaurant geared POS system that I am creating. This is just a hobby but I'm passionate about it. I have many questions and do not have patients to research online for answer or explanations. I would love to talk one on one with a LIVE PERSON. Preferably by email, phone, or text.

Your assistance would be bery much appreciated.


Sorry. Forgot to include, language is using VS2010


If you have question just post it here, or if you are looking for a certified developer, go here

My question is this. Can i talk to an expert (such as yourself) through a more personal, faster way of communication such as phone, text, or email???

I guess you can wait and see if anyone response to this thread.

With PoS you'll be using a card present account and AIM on a device reserved just for processing credit cards. Often with a swiper attached. I'm not an expert in PoS, but I know the basics and I've integrated most of for card not present (web site integration). As long as you don't call excessively, I'll be happy to talk. I use PHP.


Check your PM's.