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Lookup Transaction details and fees

I looked through the API documentation but was not able to find any method to pull transaction details/fees using the Transaction ID. Does anyone know how this data can be retrieved?




You can't get transaction information through  and of the APIs. You need to log into the control panel to view this information.

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Thanks for your response. Are there any API methods that might provide this information at an aggregate level perhaps like total monthly fees/transaction commissions? 


Or is there a standardized format report that can be generated from merchant panel that has a granular transaction level break-down?



I wanna bump this up to see if anything new on this?


I am trying to find a way to find out how much each transaction is costing in the various fees associated with it. Searching the forums here and through the api methods, I do not see anything that resembles this.

If you go into your control panel and click on Statements, it should give you a breakdown of the overall numbers. I'm logged into my test account at the moment, so I can't give you more specific information than that.



It's important to remember that Authorize.Net only charges a flat fee for credit card transactions.  Most likely, you are looking for information on the percentage charged by your merchant services account known as the discount rate.  We are actually completely unaware of what your bank charges you for each transaction, so there is no way for us to expose this through an API.
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