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Problem with Joomla Joom Donate module integration and

I am running the Joomla CMS for our campaign website and have installed the Joom Donation module to integrate with's server. 




We are a political campaign and we are required by state and city law to collect certain data from contributors and must use a custom form that is not offered by the authorize interface. Our website has an SSL certificate and the page is secure. I have the API key and Integration key entered correctly as well. 


I have set up the transaction form but it is either; A- not communicating properly; or not communicating at all. 


I get the following error message:


Contribution failure

Your contribution failed

Bill To Company is required.

Click Here to try to make contribution again


Authorize says this is not one of their error message and they have nothing in the knowledge base. This leads me to believe that I am not communicating properly. 


Does anyone have experience with this application or can you offer any help! I am of course desparate to get this working. The site is behind a password right now because we are not ready to show it to the public till these kinks are worked out. 


Since the error said the bill to company is required, do the form have the bill to company input?


It is highly unlikely you're going to get support for a random Joomla plugin here, I'm afraid. You need to either contact the makers of the plugin, hire an experienced programmer who knows Joomla to look over the plugin code, or swap it out for somthing that actually works. Short of that, you could set up your donation page outside of the Joomla site, maybe just running a more conventional PHP API page with AIM or DPM (depending on how much you care about PCI). Slap a graphic in the header to make it look more or less like the rest of your site and you're good to go - just link to it from the Joomla part of your site and then have it link back when it's done.