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SilentPost never making it through to my site

I have tested my SilentPost script and it works with 3rd party sites, but real silent posts never seem to come to my site.


Can some one help me with some debug methods, or how they managed to get their site working.


I had this previously working outside of a CMS, but I switched to PHPFox and it doesn't work now.


It work the same way as relay response, setup it up as relay response, or see if this help


Not sure, but silentpost haven't have any changes for years.

I used this form to do my testing from an external website and it worked perfectly, but authorize never comes through.

HTTPs? public accessable website? have you gone thru the checklist in the Relay Response Basics and Troubleshooting?

Yes I have been through that.


My site captures everything as an array so the values and data don't even matter.


You could post "twinkle toes" to my website right now and it will be logged.


Right now it isn't even logging anything.

If it not your page, then it might be your web server or firewall settings.