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Validate SIM Response on Test Accounts

For test accounts, the documentation says that the default value of MD5 Hash Value (set on the Account page and used to validate the MD5 Hash sent from Authorize.Net after a transaction) is the empty string; however it is actually the AuthorizeNet Account LoginID.



Accepted Solutions

Or you could just login to the account and change it to whatever you want.

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I thought I tried that and got the failure....actually one doc says leave it blank and another doc says leave it as it.... I will try again....and report... thanks


Just tried both the api login id and my login id; same result. You'd thought they'd had a definitive guide on how to resolve the issue. Given that I have been trying for the last 3 days, there is no way I would recommend this lousy support model...when I chatted with the people they were as clueless and referred me to the developers' forum, I thought I would find the solution to the problem in no time...sorely mistaken....

Or you could just login to the account and change it to whatever you want.

Yeah, I have changed it to a numbers of things like a single character, a few characters like 1234 to no avail. I believe as with the relay_reponse.jsp issue there needs to be a document that captures all the scenarios that could cause this problem....elementary watson ;-(


If you don't think the problem is the MD5, you could change it to just display what is in the request.getParameterMap() so you can see what is being return.

The documentation that I found said that test accounts share the same MD5 Hash value and thus it could not be changed on test accounts. I didn't even try setting it to something. Thanks for the heads up.