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Validate that the transaction can be made



Is there any way that we can validate that the transaction can be made. I mean an "Authorize Only" type of transaction, since the actual transaction will be at the end of the day?


We are using php for testing a t this moment with direct post method (DPM) and server integration method (SIM). We are working on a form where our agents put the credit card, the amount, the expiration date, then they post the information to and receive an approved or rejected notifacation without charge the card.

Thank you in advance.



Looking at the code examples in SIM.markdown (since DPM seems to be an extension of SIM), I don't see any mention of authorizing transactions vs authorize and capture. Have you considered just getting an SSL certificate and implementing AIM instead? AIM is fairly straightforward and does specifically allow for authorizeOnly() and priorAuthCapture().


Actually, Authorize Only transactions can be run thorugh any of our APIs.  The same variable used for AIM (x_type="AUTH_ONLY") can be used for SIM.  However, it is not possible to run the later prior_auth_capture call to complete the transaction through SIM.  You would need to implement a basic AIM script for that portion of the transaction, but it wouldn't have to handle any card data.