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eCheckType on Payment Profile | WEB vs PPD when using recurring billing and one time trans

I am trying to figure out a way to use one Payment Profile of a users bank account that will suffice for 2 flows in an application, one being the user selects his previously made Payment Profile and that gets used for the transaction and the eCheckType will be 'WEB', simple.


But the issue is we need the eCheckType to be 'PPD' when that user decides they want recurring billing.  They select the Payment Profile made above ( which is 'WEB' for eCheckType ) and continue, which is not what we want it to say.  Using the API to create this subscription w/ payment profile I can't seem to find a way to update the eCheckType on the subscription.  Do I need to update the eCheckType on the bank account first then do the subscription call?  But I assume that will mess up the eCheckType when the payment profile is used for a single transaction ( being ppd and not web that time around )

When a Payment Profile was made, we tried making 2... one where the eCheckType was 'WEB' and then another 'PPD', both payment profiles had matching data except for the eCheckType.  The PPD payment profile came back with an error saying it was a Duplicate.

Any advice on what to do?